Single digit oak wood boxed Nixie clock:



On the top of the box a large New Old Stock socketed Nixie tube (IN-18 Russian tube) display hours and minutes one after one.

Each number is displayed for about a second with a slight pause between each digit to improve visibility.

This funny non-conventional way of reading hour will captive the attention of every body and provide a non-stop digit moving in the tube.

There is no external switch for setting the clock; magnetic contacts (Reeds) are used in place. Setting the clock is done with a small magnet (strong earth type).

It allows easy setting while avoid people to change the setting when looking and touching the clock.

Placing the magnet at the front top left angle of the box will set hours, top middle front angle for 10's minutes and top front right angle for minutes. Also, the tube is red low lighted by the bottom, when the magnet is correctly placed for setting, the bottom of the tube is high lighted, this allow easy magnet positioning.

The box is professionally made of high quality French OAK wood, drying during more than 15 years! thickness is about 10mm!. The hand finish is 3 layers special varnish + beeswax finish.

The clock plug directly in 200-240VAC, no external wall adaptor is needed (unless you need to operate it from 110 VAC)

The clock accuracy is base on a high quality KDS crystal and then, the main frequency is not used (it works at 50Hz as well as 60hz) When unplug from main, the clock continue running, the display is blanked but the clock will continue to work for a very long time. No battery backup is needed, an internal high capacity condenser (1 Farad) keep the system working.

Tube is driven at about 2/3 of its capability to ensure very long life.

Logic tube driver is powered from regulated 5 volt.

Clock circuitry driven from separated power to ensure 1 Farad capacitor up to maintain only needed parts to keep clock running when unplug from main.

Clock is about 10 cm side, height is about 6 cm (1 Inch = 2.54 cm) Cord is 3 meters long.


















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